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For those of you that still like to use sub Cooper research forms and research hogs I just wanted to show you really quick a place on the wiki at how you can find those forms and it's really easy so I want to show that to you really quick so here we are I went ahead and went to and then what we're going to do is just click here on the search button and then you know all these tabs come up that you can search the records genealogy how to log books or wiki so here's the wiki for those of you that may be and you know if you can't remember they always keep changing it so when you come here to the research wiki this is this is kind of the older one that they've just attached to the new site so what we're going to do is just type in the research forms and then we'll just click we'll do a root turn to search and then here is the first thing that comes up and there's also other forms it has research funds here research extract forms use appropriate forms so let's just click on the first one the research forms and you can they just got all these blank research forms for instance here's four familysearch blank analysis chart or a possible match look at that really quick to see so it's what do I know about this possible match and analysis and conclusion so it's just a form that you can print out it's not like a lot of columns something you could make up but you can easily print this out too so blank analysis charge for my ancestor blank timeline you wanted to write your own timeline that would be great it's really good to have a timeline when you're doing research and looking for people then there is a British census worksheet Canada of Canada also has all the US census for chief even the older ones which i like to use that when I kind of trying to compare and figure out someone in those early census records and it has it I guess only up to 1920 it has the blank worksheet let me just click on this 1920 and show you so this is the blank worksheet and this is nice if you're having a hard time reading or columns especially you know so like the first column is relation to head of family this one has naturalized or alien so this is really good if you're having a hard time reading the column you can come here and look at this way you have to print it out you could just look at it so I'm just going to close that and come back to this page so i want to show you here to its that there's a family group record form you can print ireland census worksheet pedigree charts if you want to use those requests for photocopies of microfilm our Foolish um oh sure that one is e works but here I wanted to show you too i know several people on the family history center like the research logs so if you are home and you run out and you can just click here and it's the same ones that we have in the family history center so the same ones that we that we provide there so you can just get those on your own at home and their to do list and then it just...